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  • Hubodometer Axle-Cap Kit 8 Lug

Axle-Cap Kit for 8 Lug Bolt Patterns - MILES


Product Description

Our integrated axle-cap assemblies are simple to install and provide a factory fit look for light duty trailers.
Upon placing this kit in your cart, you will be required to specify the following at checkout.

1.  Revs Per Count - this is either the revs / mile or revs / kilometer of the tire that you will be mounting the hubodometer on.  The most common tire sizes and their revs per mile and revs per kilometer are listed below.
205 / 75R 14 - 780 revs per mile, 480 revs per kilometer
215 / 75R 14 - 741 revs per mile, 468 revs per kilometer
205 / 75R 15 - 741 revs per mile, 462 revs per kilometer
225 / 75R 15 - 714 revs per mile, 441 revs per kilometer
225 / 90D 16 - 646 revs per mile, 392 revs per kilometer
235 / 80R 16 - 651 revs per mile, 405 revs per kilometer
245 / 75R 16 - 651 revs per mile, 405 revs per kilometer

2.  Units - Please specify Miles or Kilometers

3.  Bolt Circle Diameter -  This is the diameter of a imaginary circle that would be placed over all of the lugs in the pattern.
To measure this diameter on a 5 lug pattern, you can either use our bolt circle calculator available on our main page by entering the number of studs and the distance (center to center) between two lugs located directly next to each other, or you can check with your axle manufacturer.

4.  Standoff height - This is the length of the coupling nuts that will be supplied with the kit.
The most common standoff height is 1-3/4" which will allow clearance between the axle-end and the installed axle-cap.  If you have "bearing buddies" please specify the 1-3/4" standoff height.  If you have standard dust caps, please specify the 1-1/4" standoffs.

Our integrated axle-cap assemblies are truly a "bolt-on" product for most applications.  The installation of our axle-cap assemblies generally do not require the removal of your existing lug nuts provided your trailer has open-ended standard lug nuts with at least 2 exposed threads available.  If you have a installation question, please feel free to contact us at 847-985-9490.

Installation is as follows:

1. Install the hubodometer to the axle-cap using the wave washer and nut provided.
2. Hand thread the coupling nuts onto the exposed threads on the wheel end.
3. Place the axle-cap on top of the coupling nuts and thread the 1/2"-20 hex head screws to affix the cap to the coupling nuts.  The hex head screws can be tightened with either a 3/4" box wrench or socket to a torque of 30 ft/lbs.

Our integrated axle-cap assemblies come with a 3 Year Unlimited Distance warranty from the date of manufacture.

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